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Tequilas Most Wanted: Why People Love to Buy Tequila Online

Once associated with Cinco de Mayo and margaritas on the beach, tequila brands have pushed past vacay vibes into the high-end territory. According to the Distilled Spirits Council, premium tequila has seen a growth of over 700% since 2002.

That’s a lot of tequila, folks!

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to enjoy tequila without waiting for the next Cinco de Mayo. While you could splurge on a shot at the bar every Taco Tuesday (and we encourage you to do so), buying online will bring the fun right to your door!

Below are just a few reasons people are eager to buy tequila online. Read on for some sensational tequila tips, including where to find the best online tequila store.

Learn as You Shop

When your friends aren’t around to educate each other about tequila, how do you find out more about the tasty spirit? On the internet, of course!

Tequila for sale online includes a short bio about each kind of tequila and how its produced. Many people think there’s just one kind of tequila, but there are many to choose from:

  • Blanco Tequila (purest form, also called silver or white)
  • Joven Tequila (also called gold or “oro”)
  • Reposado (“rested” in wooden casks for 2-12 months)
  • Anejo (“aged” 12+ months until amber-colored)
  • Extra Anejo (aged 3+ years until mahogany-colored)

You’re likely to see Blanco and Joven tequilas in your favorite cocktails or shooters. Aged tequilas are best appreciated on their own, sipped over ice (on the rocks), or neat (without ice).

What else can you learn when you purchase tequila online? You can find out more about how tequila makers are revolutionizing the distilling process. As an example, one tequila maker is now using ex-cognac barrels instead of oak.

Patron, a familiar favorite for many of us, uses a combination of the tahona and mill for its primary product line. If you’re looking for tequila made solely using a tahona, their Roca range has you covered!

Buy Tequila Online and Get Drinking Tips on the House

Your bartender might get tired of sharing his tending secrets with you—if he shares them at all.

But don’t worry. If there’s a “best” way to enjoy a particular kind of tequila, we’ll make sure to tell you.

Under each product description, you can find comments from tequila lovers like yourself on ways to enjoy the drink. You might even discover a new favorite cocktail.

A Better Range of Options

With the surge of online shopping in recent years, it’s no wonder that hundreds of amazing tequila brands are now at your fingertips.

When looking to purchase tequila online, you’ll easily be able to search for specific kinds of tequila. For instance, you might have known about the best traditional tequila brands, but what about the underdogs?

Few realize that some diffused tequila brands are pushing their way to the front. A diffuser is a machine the size of a basketball court that inverses the traditional tequila-making processes. It’s now the fastest and cheapest way to produce tequila.

Budget-Minded Brands

Those looking to stock up have a lot of brands they can choose from, including bottles for under $50.

Our personal under $50 fave? Don Julio. Running since 1942, the brand has the more-recent Anejo tequila in addition to their classic Blanco.

Here are a few others you might not have discovered yet:

Save a Trip to the Store

It’s more convenient than ever to order tequila online. 

Shopping online gives you as much time as you need to browse from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to change out of your pajamas—just click and buy!

Drinking in the comfort of your home also means you don’t have to worry about getting behind the wheel. Safety may not have been the first thing you thought of when you Googled “order tequila online,” but it’s definitely an added bonus!

Try Something New

Even if you have a go-to brand, it’s so easy to order tequila online and try something different. Many buyers come across new faves they might have missed out on in the store—especially craft tequilas.

Buying online also gives you access to specialty bottles your local liquor store probably doesn’t carry. Are you looking for a premium bottle for a special occasion or to give as a gift?

Here are a few suggestions for that special bottle.

Not only are these premium tequilas smooth and delicious, but they also come in stunning bottles that are made to be displayed. We guarantee you’ll keep the bottle long after the last drop is gone.

Your Favorite Tequila Is Always in Stock

When you order tequila online, you aren’t limited to what’s in stock. We use the latest technology to track inventory.

Instead of risking the last-minute store run, you can check out in seconds. We also make it easy to track your order so you know exactly when it will arrive. 

Where Can I Buy Tequila Online? Right Here!

Whether you sip it, shoot it, or toss it in a blender, there’s no end to the enjoyment you can get from tequila.

Bars and liquor stores are often limited in their selection of tequila brands. But when you order tequila online, that’s not a problem at all!

In fact, we carry 136 different tequilas. All you have to do is click, buy, and sit back and relax. Your tequila order will be delivered straight to your door.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to browse our amazing selection and buy tequila online today.

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